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Tablao Cordobes; the most important in the world

It doesn’t exist, neither in Barcelona nor in Spain, another tablao flamenco which gathers that often and that many important and distinguished artists, either living legends or young promises. In the heart of Las Ramblas in Barcelona since 1970, Tablao Cordobes is a small place inspired in Nasrid art, decorated under the direction of artisans and restaurateurs from the Patronato of La Alhambra. Under the direction of a passionate family of flamenco artists, this Tablao is the most important show restaurant in the city. It offers a very special traditional gastronomy with first quality local products.




230x140 Stretch Flamenco Barcelona Espectaculo Flamenco

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Welcome to the best flamenco Barcelona. Visit our world renowned flamenco show and discover why it is applauded by experts in the field for its authenticity and fidelity to tradition. Don’t miss our Flamenco Restaurant, enjoy the Grand Tasting Festival with more than 44 traditional dishes from different regions of Spain and unlimited drinks including sangría, wine, beer... Barcelona Flamenco is an unforgettable experience at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes and highly appreciated by visitors. Don’t forget Flamenco Barcelona should be seen at the flamenco tablao that offers the best flamenco show in the whole world, Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, the tablao with the most authentic flamenco show and performed by international flamenco stars.

Grand Tasting Festival

Gran Tasting Festival


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