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With Carmen Amaya in the Memory

Espectáculo Flamenco en Barcelona Con Carmen Amaya en la Memoria

With the collaboration of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Tablao Cordobes tributes the famous flamenco dancer in the year of Carmen Amaya.

To get closer and know well this exceptional artist ahead of her time we have established three artistic orders similar to the pillars that stand the Greek Classicism:

The Origins, Her Time, Her Legacy

The resemblance of a gypsy can’t be made without looking at her history. This will help us recreate on the stage the original romances with the toná, debla and martinete, sings considerated gypsy since Demophilus.  

The musical seed of the emigration also seeded the lands of the poor, which were the ones in the neighborhood Somorrostro in Barcelona. It wasn’t just a neighborhood for the gypsy people or the outcast, it was a neighborhood for the unlucky people with their violent, hard, hectic and dry dance, a spin and twisted dance which is understood from the negation of a fair destiny always accompanied with the black sounds that Manuel Torre used to talk about.

It is not possible to resist establishing a relation between the historic roasted sardines in a hotel luxury presidential suite or a taunt to a society that seen from the Somorrostro point of view seemed very unfair. The flamenco was never a protest; the flamenco complains in different ways, that’s why it hurts.

The uncontrolled natural technique of Carmen, elusive to any academic method took her to the great theatres along with the most important artists of that period: Pastora Imperio, La Argentinita, Pilar López, Antonio, Rosario, Vicente Escudero, etc.

We make some scenic references with the caña of Antonio and the stylization and the cubism of Vicente Escudero which ends imbuing the farruca of Gades. With the choreographic language it is hard to describe the great gypsy versatility of Carmen. In any case, her dimension makes two dancers coincide in one, opening an extraordinary expressive variety which is her legacy and part of her legend.

During all February the most important flamenco dancers will coincide, among them the very same nephew of Carmen, Karime Amaya who with Paloma Fantova and Pastora Galván will meet the flamenco charm “el duende”.