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The Flamenco of the Connoisseurs

The show’s title refers to flamenco connoisseurs or knowledgeable, the most authentic and pure version of this art.

Around a simple table, recreating intimate family gatherings of flamingos are some of the most representative clubs: from the earliest songs and old-with-the show begins, to the most current, ending bulerías, dancing is the hallmark of the party in flamenco.

Singing, guitar and dance around that table recreate without script or particular argument… The cante jondo is a lament, a cry, a yell, a laugh… grassroots little poems or great poets of Spanish literature, which the singer as inspiration shells with no script, and no other bondage that the pace and the kind of song that plays.

Based on the twist rate singing, guitar and dance: recreate mutually, inspire, answer, contrast or accompany... improvisation is that part of flamenco that cannot be found in the choreography millimeter of a theater or audiovisual.

That’s the tablao flamenco, and the one that delights in the Cabales Flamenco in its highest quality version.

The Flamenco of Connoisseurs consists of a loose interpretation scheme which leads to individualism shared among all artists, flamenco is represented individually within an overall display of the work, providing a sense of unity and a speech where every comma, every accent is natural, deep and understandable worldwide.

The Flamenco of Connoisseurs gives us the opportunity to enjoy with the best cast of artist, never before so many stars were together in the same tablao. Antonio el Farru (member of the famous dynasty of the Farruko), Karime Amaya (great-niece of the famous dancer Carmen Amaya), Pastora Galván, Juan de Juan, Junco, Sara Barrero, etc… and so a series of internationally known artist that will make the Flamenco of the Connoisseurs pure flamenco shows none.