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Iván Alcalá Flamenco dancer




NAME: Iván Alcalá

PLACE OF BIRTH: Sant Boi, Barcelona.

STUDIES: Since he was a little boy he was always with his arms up, dancing Camarón, los Chichos and the music his mother liked. She took him at the age of 5 to learn sevillanas with La Susi. At the age of 11 Mari Angeles, from Casa de Granada, seeing his aptitudes started teaching him for free.

He was both trying to get into the Theatre Institute Conservatory and learning in Eulalia Blasi’s School, where he developed his potential. Later on, he studied dance in the Theatre School and trained with all the great contemporary figures of flamenco, since Antonio Canales to Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya, Farruquito.

CAREER: In the third year of conservatory he participated in the musical Los Tarantos.

His first performance was at the age of 18 in Lope de Vega Theatre in Madrid with the show Penélope in which he danced a farruca of 7 minutes as a soloist of the Murcia’s Ballet. Later on, he participated in the shows Somorrostro and Volver a empezar by María Pagés.

From that moment on, his career was in crescendo, which has brought him to be one of the young promises of the contemporary flamenco. He has founded his own company. He would love to create a school of flamenco in Sant Boi, for the citizens to be able to learn flamenco in their own city without travelling to Barcelona as he did.

AWARDS: Mario Maya Awardin the VIII Young Values Flamenco Dance Contest in Hospitalet.