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Jerez- Flamenco Autumn Festival in Barcelona

Jerez; the heart of Flamenco in Tablao Cordobes


(Nobember 2013)


Tablao Cordobes releases this November, inside the Autumn Great Festival of Flamenco in Barcelona, Jerez, a show that recovers the tradition and purity of flamenco through the most prestigious artists of the international scene.


Jerez, a city well versed in Flamenco, is the best place to enjoy the environment in which this immaterial heritage of humanity was developed: the feeling, the intimist, the strength… Everything began in the XVII century, when gypsy families abandoned the nomad way of living to establish in the city neighborhoods of Santiago and San Miguel. Since then, these streets have seen born and grow a lot of stars of the genre such as Manuel Molina, Antonio Chacón, La Paquera, Lola Flores, José Mercé, ‘Terremoto’ or Antonio Ríos Fernández ‘El Pipa’.


In the heart of its neighborhoods the “bulerías” sound with the vertiginous rhythm of guitar and dance. It is a traditional settlement of gypsies, home of generations of singers, dancers and guitarists whose personal and deep sense of art remains in the atmosphere of its streets and groups. 


Jerez gets us closer to those styles, variety and forms of expression of Flamenco’s art throught the most prestigious artists of the international flamenco scene.


And this is the legacy of our cast to our show, the authenticity, the purity and the passion of young promises of Jerez.


The dance of Alfonso Losa, Iván Alcalá, María José Franco, Gema Moneo and Karime Amaya. The broken voices of La Tana, Carmen Grilo and Luis Moneo. And, as always, David and Israel Cerreduela with the collaboration of Juan Moreno will be responsible for the touch.


All of them define our spectacle Jerez, the most quality show that, during November, will gather the worldwide known elite of flamenco in the scene of only one tablao.


As the acclaimed artists Eva Yerbabuena, Israel Galván, Belén Maya and la Susi did years ago, now the new generations are the ones that will stick again this show in the minds of the audience and in the most professional and demanding area.