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Carlos Carbonell Flamenco Dancer




NAME: Carlos Carbonell


STUDIES: He took Spanish dance and flamenco lessons from artists such as Israel Galván, Alejandro Granados, Mario Maya, Antonio Canales, Eva La Yerbabuena, Manolete, Antonio and Manuel Reyes, Fernando Romero, etc.

He studied Dramatic Art with Antonio Estrada in Chiclana de la Frontera.

In Cadiz he has done theater lessons with Manuel Morón, El Moro. Moreover, he took lessons of Contemporary Dance, Interpretation and Sing in Barcelona.  

CAREER: At the age of 16 he left his town to start his professional career. His first performance abroad was at the age of 17 in a festival in France with Manuela Carrasco’s company. He confesses that Charo Cruz was from the beginning his artistic and professional adviser and now she still directs him and he asks her opinion about all his works.

He has worked in the best tablaos in Spain.

Despite his youth Carlos Carbonell has a privileged career working as an artist guest or being part of the best flamenco and dance companies like Manuela Carrasco’s Company, in which he participated as a flamenco dancer; in the show Adonai with Sara Baras being part of the cast in the production Joanna the Mad; in Eva La Yerbabuena’s Company in the show 5 Women 5; in Carlota Santana’s Company in the show Bailaor (Flamenco dancer); in Mercedes Ruiz’s company in the show Juncal; in Cadiz Company, in a production of the Andalusian Agency for the development of Flamenco choreographed by El Junco under the direction of Pepa Gamboa; in Nicasio Moreno’s Company in the release of The Painter of Sounds; in Juan Carlos Santamaria’s Company in the show Tribute to Dalí and in the Company Lanónima Imperial in the show Orfeo.

He has participated together with Andrés Peña and Mercedes Ruiz as guest artists in the First Edition of the Japanese Bienal.

In 2004 he launched in Madrid his first show, Trios, with the special collaboration of Olga Pericet and Marco Flores. The show was acclaimed by the audience and the press.

In 2005 he danced as a guest artist and collaborator in the show En Carne Viva Y Amor Al Descubierto released in the Pradillo Theater in Madrid with artists such as Patrick de Bana and Ana Arroyo. In the same year he toured Japan along with David Lago in the show Amor Brujo directed by Masami Okada in which he had a leading role.

In 2008 he was the first dancer and choreographer of the great production Carmen, directed by María Serrano Lozano and produced by Luigi Pignoti in his long tour in Italy.

In 2009 he premiered the show Acompasa2, in which he stood out for his qualities as a choreographer, in the cycle Novísimos in the Jerez de la Frontera Festival. 

FESTIVALS: El Grec Barcelona, Jerez Festival, XV Bienal of Flamenco in Sevilla, Granada Festival, First Edition of the Japanese Bienal, Flamenco Thursdays Festival in Cádiz, Torre Guzmán Festival in Conil de la Frontera, La Palma de Plata Festival, Tribute to Chocolate of the City of Algeciras, La Liviana Festival in Puerto Real in Cadiz, First Bienal of Flamenco in Lausanne, Switzerland, Lille Festival and Flamenco in Scene Festival in Arcos de la Frontera.