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Flamenco 5 Stars

belen lopez webFlamenco 5 Stars

April 2014

Authentic show, the best contemporary flamenco


Tablao Flamenco Cordobes presents an authentic anthology of talent in its stage during the month of April. The female dancers Belén López and Karime Amaya are the ultimate expression of the flamenco dance with different women profiles; it will also count with the participation of the male flamenco dancers José Maya and Barullo. With them, the dance reaches its maximum expression.

Flamenco 5 Stars also has a top level cast of singers such as Maria Carmona, from one of the most important flamenco gypsy families, niece of the Rubios family and the Habichuela family; Juan Manzano “El Coco” who has shared stage with singers such as Duquende, Remedios Amaya, La Susi, Montse Cortés, La Tana, etc.; Manuel Tañé, who has taught sing lessons in several countries an important cities such as Vancouver in the Academy of Victor Kolstee and Rosario Ancer and in Japan; and Antonio Villar, who since 2001 has combined his work with the performances in the companies of Farruquito and Tomatito.

The cast is completed with the guitarists Jonathan Jiménez, the percussionist Rafael Jiménez and David and Israel Cerreduela, father and son from a family of guitarists. David’s father was El Nani, a famous flamenco guitarist.

For all these reasons we can assert that Flamenco 5 Stars is an authentic show with the best of the contemporary flamenco. Don’t miss it!