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La rambla del Mar

La rambla del Mar, beginning of the ramblas of Barcelona

La Rambla is very original. So much that there is a part of the promenade that is placed on the sea! After the Olympic Games which left a young Barcelona, La Rambla also wanted to modernize itself and left behind the Portal de la Pau – where it traditionally ended- jumped the dock Drassanes and reached the dock Espanya, throughout a path made of wood. For that reason, since then, the new part is called Rambla del Mar (Rambla of the Sea).

Why the Rambla wanted to grow? To reach the Maremagnum to the people of the city and the tourists. A place where there are shops, cinemas, bars and restaurants. And next to the Maremagnum we can visit the most important aquarium of the Mediterranean where we can find sharks, turtles, morays and the famous ocean sunfish, a rarity of our sea and the star of the aquarium.

In the dock Espanya we can also visit the IMAX, a futurist cinema with big screens and tri-dimensional projections.

In the beginning of La Rambla del Mar we can find two clubs, the Náutic and the Marítim, surrounded by a forest of yacht sticks and sailing boats which give a romantic ambiance to the harbour. La Rambla del Mar has a swing bridge to let the boats go out to open sea.

The conventional streets don’t have amazing views so it is an experience to go out of the Antique City and walk along La Rambla de Mar, where the views are larger and we can breathe Mediterranean air.

From La Rambla de Mar we enjoy a beautiful panoramic of the mountain Montjuïc. There you can take the aerial which cross the harbour until the beach San Sebastià. Two metallic towers made up this path. Just in front of La Rambla, in the dock of Barcelona we find the building World Trade Center. A business point with a congress palace, designed as the bridge of a transatlantic. In this dock tie up the boats that come from the Balear Islands and other parts of the world.

You can see, then, that the beginning of La Rambla is very complete, and without car noises! But full of sailing boats, canoeist, fishing boats, ocean liners, cruise ships and the famous Golondrinas, that tours the harbour. It is a wonderful place either for children and adults. 


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