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El Pla de l'Os (The plain of the bone)

El Pla De L OsEl Pla de l'Os (The plain of the bone)

Surely there’s no other piece of art more stepped than the ceramic pavement by the great artist Joan Miró placed in the floor in the transition of Rambla Caputxins to Rambla Sant Josep in a place known as Pla de l’Os.

Joan Miró knew how to see things with children’s eyes and this piece of art is a good example of fresh colours and simple and funny forms.

In the past, the stream Pi converged here and has given a name to a giant and a nice church.

The funny name Pla de l’Os refers to the people who had sun baths and rested here because in Catalan “l’os sacre” (sacral bone) means lazy.

But in La Rambla anything has only one name, this place is also knows as Plain of the Boqueria” because here it is the street with this name. Now, there is a costume jewelry shop and in the Middle Age the Jewish sold meat.

El Pla de l’Os is a very artistic place not only because of the Miró but also because it has the most beautiful building of La Rambla: the House Bruno Cuadros, built in 1883 and knows as the Umbrella House. This house, presided by an emblematic Chinese dragon seems to be out of a fairytale book with its oriental ornamentation and the open umbrellas in the facade.

In the side part of Pla de l’Os is placed the fountain of the Boquería- built in 1828 in order to solve water problems- with a badge of the city. In Autumn a chestnuts stand gives it a more cosy ambiance.

For all these reasons Pla de l’Os is an important point. Here crosses the street Cardenal Casañas that goes to the Gothic Neighbourhood in one direction and to the streets Sant Pau and Hospital in the other one.

It is a very popular area with many shops, hotels, bars and restaurants. Always full of tourists with a map trying to take the best photography, people going out from the metro, entertainers doing mime, stands with homeless poets, people going to the market, the Central Library, the Cathedral...